Good TV is Almost Back! Cancel the Murderous Rampage!

With the leaves starting to wither, brown and eventually commit ritual suicide by leaping out the of trees en masse, we are made painfully aware that the summer is ending and we will soon be bombarded with cold weather (at least up here in the fabled Canadas).

While we are caught in the deep freeze, we can take comfort in the idea that with the changing of seasons, television cuts loose its B squad and decides to field its starting line-up (although most of said starting line-up still sucks pretty bad, and couldn’t even find work on the Maple Leafs 3rd forward line).

Soon I will be releasing an article “Reasons to live this fall”, chronicling what shows you should lend a glazed over stare to (wow that sounds so negative, I need a caffiene injection of some sort).  Until then, enjoy this montage of Troy and Abed from Community, the best comedy on network TV.

I think its obvious that I'm still waiting for the renewal of Parker Lewis Can't Lose


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