Reasons to keep breathing this fall!

Is Life getting you down?  Can’t find a reason to keep sucking oxygen into your lungs in a vain attempt to prolong your otherwise meaningless life?  Fear not my friend, television is back to cure your crippling loneliness!  Well I guess it never went anywhere, but it will suck substantially less with the return of the new fall line-up.  I will keep these descriptions brief with very little explanation of the shows themselves.  Who wants to read my crap when they can see pretty moving pictures?

Boardwalk Empire

This prohibition era period piece chronicling the reign of corrupt treasurer Nucky Thompson in Atlantic City is wonderfully acted, directed and photographed.


The best comedy on network TV receives three huge shots in the arm this season with the casting of John Goodman, Martin Starr and Michael K. Williams (Omars comin’, Omars Comin’).  If this season is half as hilarious and experimental (with parody) as last, it will be the most watchable show on television.

Sons of Anarchy

Season two kind of sagged in the middle but finished up strong with a spectacular season finale.  The season premiere was last night, so I suggest you catch up before next week’s episode.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Mac gained 50 pounds for this season because “fat is funny”.  I’m sure the gang is as greedy and deplorable as ever, which makes my heart smile.

The Simpsons

Now entering its 23rd season, The Simpsons has a bought a lifetime of goodwill with its brilliant first decade.

The Office

The Office has lost steam since seasons 2-5, now I will watch out of curiosity.  How will the show do without Steve Carell, its heart and soul?


Animation for adults with a low maturity level but a high IQ, packs more laughs in one episode than most sitcoms do in an entire season.


NHL Regular Season

The world’s greatest sport has suffered a tragic summer (my thoughts go out to the families of Rypien, Belak, Boogaard and the members of Lokomotiv of the KHL) and hopes rid the game of career killing headshots.  Controversy aside; once Lord Stanley’s mug is up for grabs, there is no sport more thrilling.

The World Series

Few things are as dramatic as the bottom of the 9th in game 7 of the World Series.  It is something you just can’t script.

UFC on Fox

The UFC debuts November 12th on Fox when Junior Dos Santos faces heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez on FREE TV.  Also on the card, Ben Henderson faces Clay Guida in a lightweight title eliminator.  Look for Henderson and Guida (two fighters with no regard for playing it safe, or their own well being) to steal the show with an absolute barnburner.

The NFL Regular Season

It wouldn’t be Sunday without it.

*Coming in the new year*

Treme, Justified and Game of Thrones


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