Do you have Steam yet?

A couple of years ago, (hero to everyone with a pulse) G.F. Mishriky introduced me to the magical land of Steam.  If Steam were a woman I’d make the sweetest of love to her, and I’d call her back.  If Steam were a man, I’d give him a firm handshake and then we’d share a coupla brews.  Fortunately (or unfortunately I guess) Steam is none of these things.  Steam is software released by the Valve corporation used for digital distribution of PC games and as an online multiplayer community.

Anyone with a PC and a passing interest in video games should download this program.  You can buy brand new games or you can buy the back catalogues of most of the major game publishers.  With most of the older titles being at bargain basement prices.  If you can stand to wait on new games, Steam occasionally has gigantic sales.  Slashing prices on the new games, DLC, and giving gigantic deals on entire publisher packages.  Steam also has cross- game chat, where you can shoot the shit with other friends who were smart enough to download this wonderful program of dreams (Dreams where you get the overtime winner in game 7 of the Stanley cup finals while on a date with an international bikini model) .

This is not a paid advertisement for steam, I get paid nothing for this, seriously though…pay me…I’m tired of eating newspaper and shoe polish.

Download Steam Here

So go download the program, check out the store.  Around Christmas time there are sure to be sales that will spin your bow tie.

*A terrible final thought just to justify posting this video*


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