Picking at the Carcass of a Giant

Not pictured: Angry mob clawing at the bargain bins

Traditional movie and videogame rental is dead.  The once powerful juggernauts Blockbuster and Rogers have crumbled under the weight of Netflix, Hulu and other on demand services.  This leaves corner convenience stores (with their suspect selection) as the last refuge for people who still want to physically rent their movies.  During the closing days of Blockbuster I have joined the rest of the vultures, picking at the carcass of the fallen beast.  That was supposed to be a relatively intelligent way of saying that I exploited their failure, buying up DVDs for a fraction of the original price.  I simply cannot be that elegant.  The following is the list of flicks I picked up, mostly of the documentary and foreign variety.  This is not because I’m pretentious (I have no dignity and I’m not important).  I enjoy commercial crap too.


This pseudo-documentary is based on the best-selling book of the same name (go read it now), promising to “explore the hidden side of everything”.  Pieced together by six filmmakers (Including Morgan Spurlock and Seth Gordon), this film uses economic style investigation to study everything from whether or not a person’s name will give them future success to the economic and sociological effects of fixing professional sumo wrestling.

City of Men

A spiritual sequel to the amazing City of God, we are taken back to the favelas of Rio where two childhood friends are caught on the opposite sides of a violent drug war.  Not as stark or powerful as its predecessor, it is still a poignant coming of age story of friendship in the face of adversity.  This film is actually the culmination of a Brazilian TV serial of the same name.  So watch that too, if you can.

Elite Squad

Another Brazilian film, this time the drug war is examined from the side of the BOPE elite squad.  The BOPE is a specialized unit designed to destroy Rio’s violent drug trade.  I have not seen this film, but was told that it’s a great companion piece to City of God.

Not Quite Hollywood

*Trailer is NSFW*

A no holds barred look at the shlocky “Ozploitation” (Australian B movie) filmmaking of the 70’s and 80’s.  Filmmakers, critics and fans (Quentin Tarantino comments about and loves seemingly every movie) give their thoughts on Ozploitation films and how they ushered in a new era of mainstream Australian film makers.  Get ready for buckets of blood, bad storytelling and gratuitous violence and nudity!

This is England

Another flick I haven’t seen yet. This is England is the story of an 11-year old boy who joins a gang of skinheads to fill the void in his life left by the death of his father.

Exit through the Gift Shop

A thrift shop owner obsessively films street artists until he is encouraged to become one himself.  Creating a bizarre scenario where he becomes famous and his mediocrity is blindly praised by the masses because of his association with famous street artists.  This is the directorial debut of Banksy, (the most famous street artist on the planet) who proves that celebrity can be cultivated overnight.  Even if said celebrity hasn’t an ounce of talent or original thought.  Is it a real documentary?  Is it a mockumentary?  Does it really matter?

Have you gone to a dying Blockbuster to exploit their failure?  If so, what did you buy?


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