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Despite my rugged handsomeness, I don’t have many loves in my life.  Maybe my manliness intimidates women, or maybe they’re mistaking my “rugged handsomeness” for “misshapen ugliness”.  The point is– other than my immediate family and some close friends– the only constant love I’ve had in my life is The Simpsons.  I’m strangely comfortable with this.  78% of my language is cobbled together using Simpsons references (the other 22% is recreating the Sanford & Son theme using mouth noises and under-seen Mr. Show sketches).  My lifelong dream will always involve writing for The Simpsons.  I would even settle for sitting in the writers room in quiet awe while they dictate their lunch orders to me.   So you would have to believe the front of my pants would tighten when a friend sent me a link to the most beautiful story ever written.  Was it the Bible?  Everybody poops?  Breakfast of Champions?  Carrot Top’s Junk in the Trunk?  Katherine Hepburn’s Me?


Via Huffington Post

As the hit series “The Simpsons” approaches its 500th episode, executives over at Fox have been toying with the idea of creating a 24-hour channel solely dedicated to America’s favorite dysfunctional nuclear family.

Chase Carey, News Corp’s chief operating officer, first hinted at the possible scheme at a media conference in L.A. last week, the Los Angeles Timesreports.

As the show prepares for its 23rd season, Carey said it has no plans to slow down.

But he didn’t stop there. According to Forbes, at another conference in New York later that week, Carey emphasized how the show’s unique brand presents a huge opportunity if they are to capitalize on the program’s full library.

“The point I was making, which I will reemphasize, is that this is a unique franchise…and it provides us a unique opportunity to do some interesting things with it,” he said. “The Simpsons” has been on the air for 23 seasons, yielding a library of programming few series could ever amass.

For those die-hard Simpsons fans out there, don’t get too excited. Even if Fox could pull off a channel only devoted to the iconic show, Carey noted that syndication agreements already in place would prevent it from happening in the next 12 months.

This will be playing on my TV constantly, there will be no reason to own a remote…that channel will never change.  I might even have to buy a “dedicated Simpsons” TV.  Please Jeebus, please let this happen.

If this happens, my son will also be named Bort


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