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Some links to start your syllabus week

Willy Hitler opted for the full moustache

Hitler’s nephew was in the United States Navy (and other famous defectors) Mentalfloss

IGN’s Fall Television preview (My version “Reasons to keep breathing this fall” is coming this week) IGN

Pajiba’s list of the 7 best films of the summer Pajiba

Louis C.K.’s tribute to George Carlin  Warmingglow

Judo Chop- Step by step breakdown of Minotauro Nogueira’s stunning knock-out of Brendan Schaub  Bloodyelbow

Back to School: The best of the college freshman/woman memes  Freshwoman  Freshman

The first 4 minutes of the new Sons of Anarchy after the jump(New season starts tonight)

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Great Scott! Crazy Old Man Hangs with Teen: No Sex Involved…Also Time Travelling

If you were holding a gun to my head (which would be unappreciated and downright rude) and demanded that I reveal to you my favourite movie of all time, after I splashed around in a puddle of my own tears and urine for about ten minutes, I would tell you that it was Back to The Future Part II.

I love this movie more than any other.  Maybe it was the promise of a hoverboard by the year 2015, the self tying laces or the fact that I could wear a colander on my head and still be fashionable without being thrown in the monkey house (again).

One of the things that was strange and never explained was how an eccentric, crackpot scientist could become friends with a young guitar god who gets to have sex on the regular with the foxy Elizabeth Shue.

Well we finally have an answer, the people at Mentalfloss (an awesome website by the way) have gotten the info straight from the horse’s mouth (he refers to himself as a horse).  That horse being co-writer/creator Bob Gale (I’m still skeptical of his status as a horse, or possibly some sort of zebra).

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Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta!

The internet is lousy with lists trumpeting the personal tastes of writers all over the world.  I am one of those writers, cramming my opinions down your throat in a vain attempt to justify my existence and prove my “superior” tastes.  If there’s one thing I think I have decent taste in, it’s movies.  I’ve seen plenty in my day, but I definitely wouldn’t call myself a movie snob.  No man who has seen Jason Bateman’s magnum opus “Teen Wolf Too” multiple times could ever claim to be a cinema snob.  Quite the contrary, I dig flicks enough to give almost anything at least one viewing.  One of my favourite film genres is the gangster movie; some of the greatest stories ever committed to celluloid have been about the criminal underworld.  The following list is my top five favourite gangster/crime films of all time.  This list is in no way definitive, so please don’t attack me by saying “Hey jerk, where’s New Jack City?” or “Dumbass, you forgot Menace to Society.  Maybe you should swallow some bullets out of a gun”.  Instead of strangely violent attacks on my ability to put together an unimportant list, just let me know in the comments what movies you would have chosen.

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