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Weekend Primer

Football! Football! Football!

Also the series finale of Entourage if that’s your bag.

Now, for absolutely no reason, several Mr. Show sketches.  See you Monday folks, with much better material.  I promise.

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5 Things to do your first week of College

Some of you are 18 (I envy your youth) and if you were able to fill out your college applications right, without misspelling your name or listing your favourite vodkas in alphabetical order, chances are you ‘re heading to some sort of ivy covered institution this week (are ITT tech or the University of Phoenix online covered in ivy?  I guess you can drape ivy over your computer monitor).  As a grizzled (re: ugly) veteran of both the Canadian university and college systems I have created this list of five things you should do/keep in mind during your first week of unbridled freedom from the tyranny of those old people that let you live in their house.  They are called “parents” in some circles.

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