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Community is Back! Suicide now deemed unnecessary!

A joke so funny, your pants will fill with urine...tinged with blood

Community is essentially the only reason Channel 4 exists on my television.  I guess this is also true for 714, Channel 4’s beautiful, (albeit a little slutty) high definition sister.  It is the only show I make a point of watching during its intended timeslot.  The reason is simple, it makes me happy.  Pathetic?  Maybe, but it’s the most well rounded show on TV today.  It carries the torch lit by early seasons of The Simpsons.  It is a show that can be both zany and grounded in the same scene, with three dimensional characters, not just joke machines spewing set-ups and punch lines at an alarming rate.  Unafraid to take risks and try new ways to tell stories (covering un-treaded ground, who knew that an episode where the characters sit in a room and play dungeons and dragons could be so epic?), Community avoids spiralling into the formulaic, something that bogs down essentially every other show on network television.

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Reasons to keep breathing this fall!

Is Life getting you down?  Can’t find a reason to keep sucking oxygen into your lungs in a vain attempt to prolong your otherwise meaningless life?  Fear not my friend, television is back to cure your crippling loneliness!  Well I guess it never went anywhere, but it will suck substantially less with the return of the new fall line-up.  I will keep these descriptions brief with very little explanation of the shows themselves.  Who wants to read my crap when they can see pretty moving pictures?

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