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Drama you can’t script Part 2: Frankie Edgar is a Terminator/possibly Yul Brynner

When Gray Maynard clipped Frankie Edgar in round one of their UFC 136 bout, I had a feeling of déjà vu wash over me.  No it wasn’t just the feeling of an overstuffed stomach engorged with ham and turkey from the thanksgiving feast I enjoyed earlier, this was a movie I had seen before.  The second bout of their trilogy had started the same way, with Maynard clubbing Edgar in round one and the champion having to hold on for dear life in hopes of clearing the cobwebs between rounds.  In the first fight Maynard had gassed himself out going for the finish and Edgar got on his bike and used precise footwork to hit and run his way to a draw (a fight I thought Edgar won).  Edgar had shown great heart, gutting out that first round and leaving Las Vegas with his title.

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Time to hit the links (not a golf article)

Pop music Warlords Funky See, Funky Do.

A blog with daily Simpsons news and Quotes.  In other words, one of the greatest sites in existence-  Dead Homer Society

The top ten lost cities- Listverse

Who the heck are these guys: The Filmdrunk guide to Happy Madison- Filmdrunk

Mel Gibson to make a movie about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee.  Also rumoured, a movie about a pack of  Wild African American rapists- Screenjunkies

Five inexplicably horrifying Episodes of classic comedies- Cracked

The son of a millionaire wins 107 million dollar lottery.  That’s good too, he really needed the money- ABC News

Freakonomics: Find the hidden side of everything- Freakonomics

Listen to Sherdog’s radio roundtable discussion on the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament Semi-finals- Sherdog

Diaz is out against GSP, will replace Condit against Penn further down on the same card- Bloodyelbow

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Some links to start your syllabus week

Willy Hitler opted for the full moustache

Hitler’s nephew was in the United States Navy (and other famous defectors) Mentalfloss

IGN’s Fall Television preview (My version “Reasons to keep breathing this fall” is coming this week) IGN

Pajiba’s list of the 7 best films of the summer Pajiba

Louis C.K.’s tribute to George Carlin  Warmingglow

Judo Chop- Step by step breakdown of Minotauro Nogueira’s stunning knock-out of Brendan Schaub  Bloodyelbow

Back to School: The best of the college freshman/woman memes  Freshwoman  Freshman

The first 4 minutes of the new Sons of Anarchy after the jump(New season starts tonight)

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