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Are Hover-boards Next?

Power Laces! The future sure is heavy!

With all of the recent posts, it would seem that this is an exclusive Back to the Future website.  I assure you I have other interests, but I admit that I will post pretty much anything related to that flick.  If Billy Zane and Casey Siemaszko are caught sharing a romantic milkshake in a filthy bathroom stall of a truck-stop in Gary Indiana, you better believe I’m putting words to paper about it.

Back II was my favourite of the trilogy because it showed me a future of: hover-boards, flying cars, rehydrated pizza that didn’t look like a cardboard wheel of garbage, self drying jackets with soothing robot voices, and radical shoes with power laces.

That last one; the radical shoes with power laces, could be a reality soon.  Nike has released this teaser called “McFly’s Closet”.

If this is real, I would kill everyone in this room just to have them.  Unfortunately I’m the only one in this room, (god I’m alone) so I better not do that.  But I’d definitely pay full price for them.

The year 2015 is coming fast; the self tying laces may be here, where’s my damn hover-board?

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