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Raising Prostitots

The most offensive thing on TV since According to Jim

Remember when TLC actually stood for “The Learning Channel”?  No?  Well neither do I, but now it’s television’s home to: grotesquely large families, midgets, and grotesquely large midget families.  The crown jewel of crap is Toddlers and Tiaras.  A place where parents force their children into sick and degrading beauty pageants in order to live out their failed dreams of glory.  The kids are glorified dolls: dressed, slathered in make-up and forced to mince in front of a panel of judges.  Recently they decided to jettison the veneer of a “Beauty pageant” and decided they wanted the little angels to become prostitutes now, instead of 20 years down the road (the obvious progression for a failed beauty queen I suppose).

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